Does online roulette appeal to professional players?

Does online roulette appeal to professional players?

When the first online casinos appeared, the majority of professional players, but even those used to being in the midst of society, turned up their noses, stating that they could never have the same gaming experience through the net, and that it was fun to bet against the computer. 

What about online roulette? Professional players fear it, as they are not convinced that the computer has the same odds of winning and losing as a real game game.

On the other hand, the majority of regular online roulette players are just amateur people, who try this game at home, perhaps in free mode without betting real money. And it could be a good way to practice for amateurs. But at this point the game of roulette loses its function, since it is a classic of gambling.

At this point it comes to mind if the entertainment experience of online roulette is identical to that of traditional roulette. In fact the answer is that the experience can be very different. When you play roulette in a real casino, you can enjoy the energetic atmosphere of the casino. 

The roulette wheel is often the center of attraction of a gambling hall and the place where you can have more fun, whether you play or not. So playing live roulette is very exciting, if supported by an active audience.