The new Playtech mini roulette

We found a new version of Playtech’s mini roulette on the net, which has a very accurate graphics.

 Mini roulette, as you well know, is the classic variant of roulette and was created specifically for online casinos. Even if you are not very familiar with roulette, mini roulette will come in handy because it is fast and easy to approach. You have the possibility to try it for free on different online casino sites, even in flash version. Start deciding how much to bet.

You will then select the value of the chips and place your bet. It’s called mini roulette because it has twelve numbers instead of thirty-six, so it’s easier to win with a straight bet even if, compared to a normal roulette, they pay much less. But if you feel like focusing on simple chances, do it because you could agree. 

Just click on “Spin” and you’re done, the wheel will tell you if you’ve won. You can try the last bet again or cancel any already placed bets. Finally, a timeline will tell you how you are doing.