Roulette will be the game of the future

Roulette is a game that can also be played as if we were an avatar. A roulette game that will intersect with a virtual world that will be created by Chumba World Creator. 

It will be a software that will allow us to play and win thanks to an avatar in second life style. Here we will be able to build our casinos with buildings, or just go and play with other friends.

 The Zynga casino does not want to miss the opportunity and said it will make this beautiful “money machine” real money. The developers, however, got their hands on and will launch the game only in August 2013. For us there will be the possibility to play second life, farmville and las vegas and allow an avatar to manage our casino and bet for us .

 Now that even a game like roulette can make sense, the casino world is changing. But will all casinos, like Zynga, understand the extent of this change?