Free roulette for beginners!

Free roulette is the basis of online roulette success. You cannot have a casino without free access to free roulette, they are just the manifesto of the quality of the games offered.

 The figure that emerges from recent research on the first few months of online casinos is not good for those who bet on a substantial roulette park. Online players are increasingly moving towards slot machines, especially after they have become legal in Italy, and play less and less on roulette. 

The reason for this lack of affection is still not possible to identify but probably depends on the fact that online roulette does not have often adequate promotions, able to capture the attention of the players. Also live roulette, with live dealers, beautiful to play, it was a flop and this has even more discouraged online casino operators.

 How to fix it? Focus more and more on free roulette in order to show the player the quality of their games and then many individual bonuses, linked to the single game. We need to know how to restore roulette, also through greater sponsorship on television.