European Roulette, just so you can always win!

European roulette is the only hope of winning really by combining fun and gambling. European roulette is convenient because it makes you maximize your bet and because the bank’s advantage is 2.63%. 

The American roulette has, instead, the double zero and the bank can have a double margin of advantage. So why use American roulette instead of European roulette? Yet many players, not very informed to tell the truth, still use it without knowing that the play is always and only to their disadvantage.

 Furthermore, the European roulette allows you to bet to the maximum and to be able to also take advantage of advantages like the “En Prison”, on the bets that give payments only on the even numbers.

 In the moment, however, when the zero comes out, you can block your bet and use it for the next spin of the wheel. If you win, then you will be able to take back the starting stock and you will lose only half of the bet. With this rule, the margin is only 1.35% and is certainly the most effective bet that you can find in the game of roulette. European roulette, for this reason, should be taken into consideration not considering the bets that pay so much.